Canon Ixus 95 IS: Perfect for Aspiring Shutterbugs

Do you desire to become an expert photographer? Of course, before you become an expert, you should start with being an amateur. Like the saying goes, “To reach the top, you have to start from the bottom.” So if you are going to practice the basic shutterbug skills, Canon Ixus 95 IS will be there to be your friend.

If you want to create an amazing shot, you’ll be  happy to know that this camera allows you to take incredible pictures with no hassle at all. With its new Smart auto mode, you can analyze the detailed shooting scene. It also allows you to check the brightness of your subject, the contrast, the overall hue and the distance. You do not have to worry about the perfect settings because this digital camera instantly selects one of its modes while you are shooting.

Photography is a multi-faceted medium and Canon Ixus 95 IS follows that convention. Canon Ixus 95 IS has the cool features that are accurate. With its intelligent technologies, you can improve the detection of the motion of your subject thus aids blur-free motion of objects that are moving. If some digital cameras cannot repair the dark areas of a photo, this digital stuff can do it. With its i-Contrast, you can brighten the dark portions of your shot without blowing out of some correctly-exposed portions. If you are doing portrait shot, this digital camera has Face Detection Technology that easily detects the face of your subject or multiple subjects plus the settings can be adjusted. Some cameras cannot spot and repair the awkward red eyes, but with this camera’s intelligent technologies, you can remove the unwanted red-eye effect through Auto Red Eye Correction. Not only those, Canon Ixus 95 IS also has a user interface that creates functions more accessible and easier.

For outstanding images, this digital camera allows big A2 plus printing size and cropping of your shots while retaining the quality image detail. Not to be forgotten, this camera has an amazing resolution of 10.0 megapixels. With its DIGIC 4 processor, this camera allows delivery of ultra-fast operation and exceptional clarity of images plus reproduction of color. This camera also delivers low-noise and rich images anytime you want.

This digital camera will not only help you in your amateur photography stage, it will also allow you to be trained in mini movie-making. This digital Ixus 95 IS presents amusing movie capture with VGA resolution. Its VGA resolution is accompanied by the option of Long Play movies if you want to extend your movie shoot. Its video capturing feature has a 2.5 inch PureColor LCD II which offers bright and detailed image review and preview. In addition, it includes optical viewfinder that can offer you an alternative way to make creative shots.

What are you waiting for? Fulfill your shutterbug dreams with Canon Ixus 95 IS now. With its cool features, you will surely enjoy being an amateur photographer – for now. Purchase it from nearest camera store or order it online.

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